Meet your Hosts

innkeepers What is Sue cooking up? That’s a question that friends and family mean literally when talking about Sue Notte. Anyone who knows Sue is familiar with her skill in the kitchen and her warm hospitality. The perennial hostess, she delights in seeing her guests – friends, family, acquaintances and usually a few tag-alongs – enjoy her healthy, savory meals, snacks and baked goods. Sue uses only the finest, freshest ingredients, and is forever trying out new recipes and ideas, to the delight of anyone lucky enough to partake. Sue is thrilled to welcome you to her home at 600 Main. Sue’s promise: even before you check out, you’ll be making plans to return and see what else she has in mind for your comfort and satisfaction.
Friends of John Notte often remark that it’s rare for such a nice, generous, warm person to also be such an awe-inspiring success in the business world. But the record speaks for itself. A big teddy bear of a man, John has made a name for himself in New York and New Jersey with a number of club, restaurant and real estate enterprises. And now he has brought his savvy and commitment to excellence to 600 Main.

Sue and John have been together for over a quarter of a century. When their children, Alexa and John, went off to college, they were ready to start a new chapter, one that would fulfill their passion for entertaining and for making their guests feel at home. From the moment they came upon the Mathis house in 2010, they knew they were ready to make a move. Soon after, they packed up their home in northern New Jersey and began renovations for the debut of 600 Main.  They are new to innkeeping, but with their personalities and vast experience as hosts and business leaders they felt more than prepared to step into the role. They love living at 600 Main with their loveable dog, Tobie, and can’t wait to welcome you into their circle of family and friends.
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